Provisioning: Polycom

Speed Dial Configs Coming Soon to Provisioning: Polycom!

Date : 18-Sep-15

Does your company use the speed dial feature for Polycom phones?  If so, you're probably aware of the challenges associated with implementing this feature. It's not part of the normal config.xml files that control most of the other phone features and was never designed to be centrally manageable....until now! 

Admins will soon be able to easily create speed dial templates within UC Commander's Provisioning: Polycom tool that can be applied the same way as any current config block is today.  Admins will be able to apply any speed dial template to a given endpoint, group of endpoints, a site, or even to the entire company.   This means that every phone used can be setup to speed dial any number with only a few click of the mouse….easy!

This is simple to set up, easy to maintain, and best of all, it’ll save every user time and headache when trying to find that pesky IT Support Number.  This new feature will be available very soon to all Provisioning: Polycom customers!

V5 a huge hit at MS Ignite in Chicago

Date : 12-May-15

On May 5, 2015 (5-5-15), we released version 5.0 of what we are now calling "UC Commander" or UCC for short. The rename is due to the release of Skype for Business, which made naming our product "Dossier for Skype for Business" unwieldly to say the least. UC Commander is the name of the entire suite, and Dossier remains the name of the Lync/Skype for Business analytics product grouping.

We didn't just change the name, we've also changed the entire look and feel of the product suite to align with Skype for Business. Tabs are grouped together underneath a product banner to make finding things easier. We've moved the admin options underneath a "gear" icon to further declutter the interface.

The biggest news is the addition of several new features. Provisioning: Polycom is a new offering that allows administrators to easily provision and manage Polycom's entire suite of VVX and SoundPoint phones. It was so popular at Ignite, that at several points, the Polycom booth looked more like an Event Zero booth with UC Commander showing on all their screens. People came by specifically to see Provisioning: Polycom in action.

If you're interest in trying out or buying Provisioning: Polycom or any other part of the new UC Commander suite, contact us for details.


System Compatability

On-Premises Environment

  • CX5500
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Skype for Business
  • Soundpoint IP 321/331/335
  • Soundpoint IP 450
  • Soundpoint IP 550
  • Soundpoint IP 650/670
  • SoundStation IP 4000
  • SoundStation IP 5000
  • SoundStation IP 6000
  • SoundStation IP 7000
  • SoundStation IP DUO
  • VVX 1500
  • VVX 300/301
  • VVX 400/401
  • VVX 500
  • VVX 600

  • Product Requirements

    On-Demand (Cloud)

  • Internet Access

  • On-Premises Hardware

  • 100GB Disk (recommended)
  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GB Ram

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